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Top 3 Helpful Stress Relievers for Students

Have a huge workload at school? Feeling stressed with the endless responsibilities that fill up your academic schedule? Looking for some easy, quick and effective stress relievers? Here’s a list of the top stress management techniques to make your study time enjoyable and stress-free:

  1. Taking a power nap

Sleep is the best way to get rid of stress because it calms the mind and increases concentration. A power nap of 20 to 30 minutes can provide relief to your eyes. It is better to take this nap during the afternoon when drowsiness generally takes over. It has been found that power naps can significantly increase cognitive capacity. You can be more in control of the situation at hand if your energy level is high and your mind is alert. Apart from such power naps, it is very important for students to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night to retain the information which is learnt during the day.

  1. Yoga and meditation

Doing some stretch out exercises between study sessions can help in keeping the mind and body flexible and fresh. You can easily fit some yoga, meditation or short walks into your daily routine to prevent the mind from getting overworked and the body from becoming overweight. Blowing off some steam with exercises is a rejuvenating break from studies.

  1. Being organized

If you have all your things in the right place and your notes divided into proper sections rather than being all over the place, this can help in reducing stress because the task does not seem unsurmountable. On your study table, everything should be organized so that when you finish a task, you can actually see the workload decreasing in front of your eyes.

Apart from these three main techniques, you can also try other methods like:

– Eating healthy food

– Listening to your favorite music

– Try affirmations and positive self talk

– Visualize yourself in control

Experiment with these stress relievers to see a change in yourself instantly!

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