Praxis Core Private Tutoring

Having trouble preparing for the Praxis Core?  Overwhelmed by all the concepts you need to master in order to get the score you want?  I can help get you ready for the test, so you can perform at your highest level.

I help students improve their scores on the Praxis Core, so they can become certified teachers.

Many of my students come to me because they have taken the test and not scored high enough to pass.  They are frustrated and genuinely worried about the test holding up the start of their teaching career.

I assess your skill levels in each area, teach you the concepts you need to know, and offer test-taking strategies.  I break down concepts into easily manageable pieces, and guide you through the study process.

I can help you brush up on your grammar and math, fine-tune your test-taking skills, and help you combat feelings of overwhelm and frustration associated with the test.

I work with students online, so there is no need to rush across town for a lesson. My students find online lessons convenient, and enjoy learning from the comfort of their homes.

My rate for private online lessons is $75 per hour, but I do offer packages starting at $60 per hour.  You schedule lessons or purchase packages by clicking on the button below.

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