Never did I feel judged for not understanding a concept

My biggest challenge before working with Lisa, was passing my Math Praxis test for my teaching career. I have not had a math course since early college, and was really struggling to remember certain concepts on my own. Specifically algebra and geometry. With a month and a half of tutoring, I was able to pass my test with a score higher than I ever expected!

Before tutoring with Lisa, I was scoring between 134-145 on my Praxis test. I was able to bump my score all the way to 156 after working with Lisa. (a qualifying passing score in my state is 150) About a week or two later, I asked for a few more sessions to prepare for my second math Praxis, after only 3 sessions, I scored a 182. The qualifying score in my state for this test is 157. I was SO excited.

I was always very scared of math. It has been a struggle for me for years, and the encouragement that Lisa provided gave me so much more confidence, which is a huge part of my success I feel.

Lisa’s caring nature made her so lovely to work with. Never did I feel judged for not understanding a concept and she made me feel so welcomed. She went above and beyond creating a learning space on Schoology, to provide me with practice tests, videos and notes.

Would I recommend Lisa for tutoring? Absolutely! ~Julie