Studying for a big test like the Praxis Core or SAT exams can be overwhelming without a plan.  Passing the exam seems even farther out of reach when you have trouble mastering all of the concepts tested.

Success starts with a focused study plan with actionable steps that take into consideration your strengths and weaknesses.  I have a system for putting together study plans for my students.

Once you have a plan in place, you can start to work through the concepts you identified in your planning phase.  Students who work with me know that I believe that every student has the ability to learn.  As a tutor, my job is to patiently work with you as you tackle challenging concepts.  I break these into smaller learning objectives.  I highlight your strengths to build confidence so you can work on and improve the areas that you struggle with.

Lisa is basically re-teaching me basic math skills that I need in order to pass the NJ Praxis test, and she is just fantastic!  She is extremely positive, and very encouraging.  I’m not afraid to ask (what may seem to me) a question I should really know the answer to.  Lisa is great at explaining things in a way I understand, and she is a fantastic listener!  I am way more confident in my ability to do math, and feel like I am really preparing for this test and that 4th time will be a charm!! — A.M.

Encouraging and amazing tutor!

My biggest challenge before working with Lisa, was passing my Math Praxis test for my teaching career. I have not had a math course since early college, and was really struggling to remember certain concepts on my own. Specifically algebra and geometry. With a month and a half of tutoring, I was able to pass my test with a score higher than I ever expected!

Before tutoring with Lisa, I was scoring between 134-145 on my Praxis test. I was able to bump my score all the way to 156 after working with Lisa. (a qualifying passing score in my state is 150) About a week or two later, I asked for a few more sessions to prepare for my second math Praxis, after only 3 sessions, I scored a 182. The qualifying score in my state for this test is 157. I was SO excited.

I was always very scared of math. It has been a struggle for me for years, and the encouragement that Lisa provided gave me so much more confidence, which is a huge part of my success I feel.

Lisa’s caring nature made her so lovely to work with. Never did I feel judged for not understanding a concept and she made me feel so welcomed. She went above and beyond creating a learning space on Schoology, to provide me with practice tests, videos and notes.

Would I recommend Lisa for tutoring? Absolutely! ~Julie

Never did I feel judged for not understanding a concept